1. You have a pet, ______?

A. don’t you?B. didn’t you?C. haven’t you?D. aren’t you?Пропустить

6. Could you __________ me on Friday at work? I’ll be away for the day on a course.

A. stand in forB. stand inC. stand up forD. stand byПропустить

2. If I’m not mistaken, she comes from ________ Netherlands.

A. -B. aC. theD. anПропустить

7. Masha ____________ well with her brother, even though he’s much younger than her.

A. gets upB. gets onC. gets overD. gets offПропустить

3. The interviewer asked _______ drive.

A. could IB. if I canC. I canD. if I couldПропустить

8. She makes her children _____ their lessons every day.

A. learnB. learningC. to learnD. learntПропустить

4. “Worn out” means __________.

A. tannedB. old-fashionedC. dressed wellD. tiredПропустить

9. I came __________ an interesting article while I was reading a magazine.

A. overB. acrossC. awayD. aboveПропустить

5. Is there _______ fruit in the fridge?

A. used toB. use toC. get used toD. get useПропустить

10. I am _________of my job. I must find something more interesting.

A. sick and illB. tired and sickC. sick and tiredD. tired and illПропустить