1. What _______ when they arrived?

A. were you doingB. did youC. you didD. you were doingПропустить

6. My coffee was ________ yours. I almost burned by mouth.

A. hotter thanB. more hot thanC. hotter asD. as hotПропустить

2. These bottles _______ plastic.

A. are made fromB. are makeC. are made ofD. be made byПропустить

7. Who ______ in the game of chess: the black player or the white one?

A. startsB. does startC. do startD. startПропустить

3. The TV's too loud. Please, _____ .

A. it turn downB. turn it upC. turn it downD. turn down itПропустить

8. – How much does it cost? – Nothing. It’s _______.

A. pricelessB. no moneyC. cheapD. freeПропустить

4. I usually get _______ home by bus.

A. toB. xC. theD. atПропустить

9. Is your family large, ______

A. isn’t it ?B. are they?C. it isn’t.D. is it?Пропустить

5. Is there _______ fruit in the fridge?

A. someB. aC. a bitD. anyПропустить

10. What about going to the cinema?

A. Twice a month.B. Good idea!C. It’s Star Wars.D. I think so!Пропустить